Francesco Pandolfini’s Idea

In 2001 Deseo artisanal biscuit factory was founded to celebrate my 40 years, and give myself a workshop.
I started working in a very small workshop of only 30 square meters in Prato, developping the first recipes of Cantuccini in different flavours.

Cantuccini are the story of my family, owners of Antonio Mattei Biscuit Factory for three generations, the Temple of “Biscotti di Prato”.

Now Deseo biscuit factory has grown and in the meantime we moved to a bigger factory and the product range has been expanded: Shortbread biscuits, Cookies, sweet Biscuits with extra virgin olive oil, Crunch biscuits with different flavours and new surprising recipes for Savoury Aperitif biscuits.

I am always curious to explore more and look forward with new ideas, new flavours, new colours, new graphic concepts.”