Butter Shortbreads

This classic shortbread, made with butter, flour, fresh eggs and sugar, pairs well with any tea or herbal tea and is excellent served with hot chocolate.

WHEAT flour, butter (MILK), sugar, EGGS, sea salt.

Cinnamon Shortbreads

WHEAT flour, butter (MILK), sugar, EGGS, cinnamon, sea salt.

The intense cinnamon note enhances the classic shortbread recipe; these biscuits are the perfect companion to Earl Grey tea and hot chocolate.

Pine Nuts, Raisins and Chili Pepper Shortbreads

These triple-flavoured shortbread biscuits go beautifully with any warm beverage, particularly Earl Grey tea, which brings out the spicy note.

WHEAT flour, butter (MILK), sugar, PINE NUTS, raisins, EGGS, sea salt, chili pepper.

Coffee Shortbreads

WHEAT flour, butter (MILK), sugar, EGGS, coffee, sea salt.

These biscuits are made with SIDAMO coffee, an Ethiopian coffee variety, roasted by Le Piantagioni del Caffè.

Best served at the end of the meal with Sambuca liqueur, grappa or brand.

Rose Shortbreads

This shortbread features a special essential rose oil-based aroma.

It goes well with champagne, particularly with rosé champagne.


WHEAT flour, butter (MILK), sugar, EGGS, natural rose flavouring, sea salt.

Dark Chocolate Shortbreads

WHEAT flour, butter (MILK), dark chocolate (cocoa mass, sugar, cocoa butter, emulsifier: rapeseed lecithin, natural vanilla flavouring), sugar, EGGS, sea salt.

These buttery biscuits, generously studded with chocolate pearls, are a natural partner to English Breakfast tea; they also go beautifully with fine aged brandy.